Common Platform for Multiple Technologies 

Enterprise Message Service provides a common messaging platform that enables the release of information using most important platforms, standards and growth technologies.
• A certified JMS 1.1-compliant messaging key.
• Provides native messaging support for several languages including Java, Java EE, Microsoft .NET, C, C++, even C, Cobol and Assembler on the mainframe.
• Supports several platforms including Windows servers, desktops and mobile devices, Linux, the leading versions of UNIX, Mac OS X, Open VMS, AS/400 and the mainframe.
• Built-in TIBCO Rendezvous and TIBCO SmartSockets integration.
• Supported as a messaging base for use with all TIBCO products and leading third party Java EE-based application servers.

 Fine-Grained Service Control

 Enterprise Message Service supports several service protocols and qualities of service, given that one of the broadest sets of messaging semantics and options to optimize performance and service levels.
• Server-based, store and forwarding messaging architecture supports synchronous and asynchronous messaging and request/respond and distribute/subscribe interactions.
• Supports different levels of reliable messaging including outwardly managed XA-compliant transactions.
• Lets administrators and developers add servers, intelligent routing and rules for handling high loads and communication errors.

Proven presentation, Reliability and Scalability
Enterprise Message Service is the backbone for some of the largest mission-critical systems in
manufacture today, delivering leading presentation and scalability.
• Distributed architecture avoids introduction of a single point of failure.
 • Supports load-balancing, routing and fault tolerant configurations.
• complicated flow control maximizes throughput with minimal impact on the network.
• Some customers have been able to acheive over 50,000 messages per second and 99.999% uptime.

 Secure Administration and Communications
 Enterprise Message Service delivers the administrative control needed to maintain a high performance and secure messaging solution, and provides support for security standards including the following:
• SSL including client-to-server and server-to-server connectivity.
• Fine-grained control over verification and authorization permissions.
• External LDAP.

 Extensible as Part of TIBCO’s Platform
TIBCO Enterprise Message Service is the messaging backbone for TIBCO’s comprehensive SOA, business process management and business optimization software offering which includes:
• SOA and business integration software for tying together leading applications, mainframes and other software communications.
• mechanization and workflow software for coordinating of complex business processes and exception situations.

• Portal, business activity monitoring and rich Internet application software for giving users actionable and relative information.

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